Rotabroach - The Standard in Machining

Total Tools is pleased to partner with Rotabroach and offer exclusivity in selling their premium trade Magnetic Drills and accessories in-store and online called Element. If you have never heard of Rotabroach cutting systems, that's okay, you are in the right spot to learn why they're one of the leading machining tools in the world and how owning one will save you time and money.

Who is Rotabroach?

Rotabroach has been leading the way in annular cutting technology for over 40 years, with one key focus - delivering tradesman superior solutions for cutting. The Rotabroach range offers tradesman robustness, quality and value for money for any cutting application when machining comes to mind.

Rotabroach have patented a really cool feature called CutSmart™ - an ingenious LED traffic light system that detects operator pressure, to offer optimum cutting and machine performance. More on this below!

The CutSmart™ feature?

The Element range is fitted with Rotabroach's unique CutSmart™ panels designed to increase your tool life and productivity. Designed for tradies to get the most out of their machine and cutter. CutSmart™ has an easy to read panel that indicates when you are applying too much force/pressure down on the drill to avoid inappropriate wear. Think of this feature as a traffic light:

  • Red Light - Overload: Back off immediately, as too much force will cause the motor to cut off if you continue.
  • Yellow Light - A little too much pressure on the drill, ease off to get back to the green zone.
  • Green Light - Perfect, try to keep in the green zone for the best cut and optimum machine performance.

This is where the real time and money saver comes into play, because the system is ingenious in detecting the amount of pressure you are applying, the wear and tear on your annular cutters is dramatically reduced. The less wear and tear on your cutters results in less trips to the shops to buy replacements annular cutter bits because you'll always be operating in the optimum range thanks to the CutSmart™ feature. This combined with faster cuts and less load on the Magnetic Drill greatly improves your productivity and the longevity of the machine.

Another cool feature is the Magnetic Detection which detects the thickness of the metal you're drilling - too thin and the system will not drill. This safety feature is indicated by a LED adhesion detection light that will warn the user if the metal is too thin - the user can then choose to override this feature. This safety feature is illustrated in the below image.

The Rotabroach Element range - Exclusive to Total Tools

We are lucky enough to stock the Element 30 and Element 40 Magnetic Drills, as well as the 5 Piece Annular Cutter Kit. The entire range is available in-store and online with Australia wide delivery to your doorstep with one of our fast courier services or Click&Collect pick-up in-store from your local store.

Rotabroach Element 30 Magnetic Drill

      • Motor specification: 230V 850W
      • No Load RPM: 600rpm
      • Max Hole Cutting Capacity: 32mm diameter x 35mm depth
      • Drill Chuck Capacity: 13mm
      • Magnetic Adhesion: 8000N
      • Magnet Size: 165mm x 80mm
      • Safety Features: Cutsmart™ Technology / Fixed Guard / Magnetic Detection

Rotabroach Element 40 Magnetic Drill

      • Motor specification: 230V 1200W
      • No Load RPM: Low Grear-300rpm, High Gear-600rpm
      • Max Hole Cutting Capacity: 40mm diameter x 50mm depth
      • Drill Chuck Capacity: 13mm
      • Magnetic Adhesion: 10,000N
      • Magnet Size: 180mm x 90mm
      • Safety Features: Cutsmart™ Technology / Fixed Guard / Magnetic Detection / Mechanical Clutch

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