What is a redemption offer?

Redemption offers are special offers ran by suppliers for a limited time.

We display these offers on eligible products using a FREE* via redemption label on the product image. Other times you might see a Spend & Get redemption label, these offers require a certain spend amount on a specific product range to be eligible for the free product.

This free product will not be delivered with your order, but instead will need to be redeemed online directly from the supplier.

How do I redeem my free product?

To redeem your free product, simply head to the supplier's website and fill in the online form with your details and proof of purchase (you will need to supply a copy of your receipt/invoice). Once the supplier has received and processed your request they will send the free product directly to you.

Keep in mind that there is a limited time after the promotion has ended for you to redeem your free product. After this time period applications will not be accepted.

You can find the supplier's redemption pages below, as well as in the redemption offer description on the product page, and in banners.

Current Redemption Offers

4th October 2021 - 30th June 2022

1st February - 30th June 2022

1st March - 31st May 2022

1st April - 30th June 2022

1st May - 30th June 2022