Cordless Circular Saws

We offer a large selection of cordless circular saw skins and kits, whether you're a chippy, a tradie, or a home handyman, we've got the best circular saws for you. Choose from our complete selection of small or mini circular saws, handheld circular saws, compact circular saws, battery circular saws, and more. We carry brands you know and trust such as MakitaMilwaukeeBoschDeWalt, Festool, HiKOKI, and many others!

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What are cordless circular saws used for?

Cordless circular saws are a type of power saw which utilises a circular blade to cut through wood, metal, and other materials. They are more portable and practical to use than corded circular saws since they are powered by rechargeable batteries and do not need a power cord.

The following are some jobs that can be completed with cordless circular saws:

  • Cutting wood: They are frequently employed to create both rough and precise cuts in wood, such as those required for framing, decking, or trim work.
  • Metal cutting: Some cordless circular saws can cut sheet metal, aluminium, and other types of metal.
  • Cutting other materials: Cordless circular saws may be used to cut composites, plastic, or other materials like tile.
  • Framing: Carpenters, builders, and do-it-yourselfers frequently utilise cordless circular saws for framing and other harsh construction activities.
  • Demolition: They are also used in demolition operations to cut through things like flooring, walls, and other construction barriers.
  • Cutting down sheet materials: Cordless circular saws can cut down plywood, OSB, and MDF sheets swiftly.

When using a cordless circular saw, it's crucial to choose the right blade for the particular material you'll be cutting and to abide by any safety precautions, such as using safety goggles and ear protection.

What are the things to consider before buying a cordless circular saw?

There are a number of factors to take into account when purchasing a cordless circular saw to ensure that you purchase the instrument that will best suit your needs.

  1. Battery Power - consider the battery's voltage and amp hours; while they will provide you more power, they will also make your tools heavier and larger.
  2. Cutting capacity - examine the saw's maximum cutting depth and breadth. You may then have a better understanding of the types of materials and thicknesses the saw can cut.
  3. Blade size - be sure to note the largest blade size that the saw can handle. You can see what kinds of cuts the saw can make from this.
  4. Motor Power - the motor's power should be taken into consideration because it will affect the saw's speed and torque.
  5. Weight and Size - the ease of use and mobility of the saw will depend on its size and weight, so take these factors into account.
  6. Features - look for extra features that can increase the saw's versatility and ease of use, such as laser guides, LED lighting, or bevel capacity.
  7. Brand and Reputation - if you want a saw that will be dependable and endure for a long time, pay attention to the saw's brand and reputation.
  8. Price - consider the saw's cost and how it stacks up against those of similar saws.
  9. Warranty - verify if the manufacturer's warranty covers both components and labour as well as any problems by looking at it.

You'll be able to select a cordless circular saw that satisfies your demands and falls within your price range by considering all of these variables.

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