Oscillating Multi Tools

Check out our range of oscillating multi tools at Total Tools! We offer a variety of models and power sources (300W-480W) from huge manufacturers such as Bosch, Detroit, Makita, Kress, and many others.

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What is an oscillating multi tool?

An oscillating multi tool is a power tool that may be used for a number of different tasks, including  cuttingsanding, and grinding. It is a flexible instrument that may be utilised for a variety of tasks around the house or at the job site.

It's a good idea to keep an oscillating multi-tool in your toolbox. It can handle a variety of jobs and make your projects run much more easily thanks to its adaptability and power.

How to use an oscillating multi tool?

  1. Choose the proper attachment for the job you're doing. For instance, you would choose a wood-cutting blade if you were cutting through wood. You would choose a sanding pad or sandpaper if you were sanding.
  2. The tool should be turned on and gently guided along the surface you are working on after you have the appropriate attachment.
  3. When using the tool, be cautious to use protective goggles and  earplugs because it may be fairly noisy and produce debris.

What are the things you should consider in choosing the right oscillating multi tool?

  1. Size and weight –  if you want to use it for an extended amount of time, you might want to pick a tool that is lower in weight to prevent tiredness.
  2. Power – you might want to select a tool with a larger wattage or voltage if you plan to take on more challenging tasks.
  3. Attachments and whether they will meet your project needs – many oscillating multi-tools come with a range of attachments, you might need to buy extra ones for particular jobs.