Forstner Bits

Check out our range of Forstner bits at Total Tools! We carry a variety of sizes (12mm – 90mm) and models from top manufacturers such as Sutton, Kreg, P&N, Makita, and many others! You may also browse our complete line of wood drill bits including wood drill bit sets, spade bits, auger bits, extension bits, self-feed bits, plug cutters, and more.

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What are Forstner bits used for?

Forstner bits are designed for drilling holes in woodworking or construction applications. The Forstner bit is designed specifically to provide deep, accurate holes with little tear out. Most Forstner bits use a cutting lip on the shank that prevents damage to the workpiece and allow the bit to cut cleanly when fully engaged.

Can Forstner bits be used in any drills?

No, each Forstner bit can only be used with a portable drill or drill press. The bit is long enough to fit on the router table and in a handheld drill, but it is possible that the bit would bind if trying to use it with a router. These Forstner bits are designed to give you increased edge contact, which means less tear out and a cleaner cut.