Diamond Drill Bits

At Total Tools, we carry a range of diamond drill bits available in individuals and sets, as well as diamond drill bit accessories. We're all about providing our customers with world-class products that are exactly what they need at their fingertips.

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What are diamond drill bits used for?

These diamond drill bits are robust, functional, and simple to use. They are a necessary equipment for anybody working in construction or home renovation since they are made for drilling through strong materials like concrete and masonry.

Which brand and type of diamond drill bits should you get?

We provide a wide range of diamond drill bits from renowned manufacturers including Milwaukee, Sutton, and more in single pieces, sets, and accessories. Anyone working on building or home improvement projects will find these diamond drill bits to be a useful tool. They are an indispensable item for any toolkit since they are reliable, adaptable, and simple to use.

Why should you get these diamond drill bits?

The longevity of these diamond drill bits is one of their main advantages. High-quality diamond particles, which are very hard and durable, are used to make these drill bits. This indicates that drill bits may endure drilling into challenging materials without losing their efficacy or sharpness.

Additionally, a variety of materials, including concrete, masonry, stone, ceramic, and even some types of metal, may be worked with these diamond drill bits. They can so perform a range of drilling jobs, making them a flexible instrument. A balanced and steady drilling experience is provided by the equally dispersed diamond particles along the drill bit's length. This makes it simple to manage the drill and get accurate results.