Torque Wrenches

A torque wrench is a specialized tool designed to apply a specific amount of torque, or rotational force, to fasteners like nuts and bolts. It enables precise tightening to ensure optimal tension without over-tightening, crucial in various industries such as automotive, construction, and mechanical engineering. Upgrade your tightening precision with digital torque wrenches! Shop now for accuracy and control in your mechanical tasks.
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Check out our huge selection of torque wrenches online and in-store at Total Tools! We have digital torque wrenches, ¼, ½, and ⅜ torque wrenches, torque spanners, adjustable torque wrenches, tension wrenches, torque wrench sets, and more.

What is a torque wrench used for?

A torque wrench is a type of wrench used to apply controlled amounts of torque to a rotational fastener (nut or bolt). With an internal mechanism that provides a mechanical advantage while applying force, torque wrenches are useful in limiting the amount of force applied to the rotational fastener, as well as reducing the risk of damage.

Here’s the ultimate guide to selecting the perfect Digital torque wrench for your needs:

  • Type of torque wrench
  • Torque range
  • Accuracy
  • Size
  • Durability
  • Brand
  • Price

Discover the Best Torque Wrench Sets from Leading Brands in the Industry!

Buy the best professional-quality torque wrenches or digital torque wrenches and kits here at Total Tools! We've got a variety of sizes from 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", to 3/4" drives from today's top-leading manufacturers like Milwaukee, Makita, TTI, Gearwrench, Norbar, Sidchrome, and many more.

No matter what type of job you are working on – home, industrial, automotive, or commercial – whether you're looking for torque wrenches, oil filter wrenches, or adjustable wrenches, Total Tools got you covered!