Tap & Die Sets

Check out our range of tap and die sets at Total Tools! These hand tools are commonly used by mechanics, machinists, and metalworkers to create new threads or repair damaged threads on bolts and other components. They are essential tools for anyone working with metal and threading applications.

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Buy tap and die sets online and in-store!

These sets include taps, which are used to cut threads into a hole, and dies, which are used to cut threads onto bolts. These tools are typically made of high-speed steel or carbon steel and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different thread sizes and types. The 32pc, 42pc, and up to 110pc metric and ratcheting tap and die sets are made from alloy steel to handle the heaviest working and demanding jobs.

Depending on the model, most sets include external threads, metric tap sets, button dies, tap and die holders, alloy steel dies, tap kits, and more. The spring-loaded cap allows for quick release of a large tap adapter. The main extension adapter has a ratcheting action that allows for easy access in tight spaces. In addition, the auto-locking feature allows for safe removal of the tap adapter.

Check out our complete range of taps and dies, wrecking and pry bars, and other hand tools. Shop online or get them shipped to you or use our Click & Collect service to pick them up from one of our stores around Australia.

What are the things to consider when buying efficient tap and die sets?

  • Material
  • Size
  • Number of pieces
  • Brand and quality
  • Case
  • Coating
  • Price

Here’s the different brands that offer good quality tap sets:

  • TTI
  • Gearwrench