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Shop in our range of speed squares at Total Tools! We offer a wide variety of styles and sizes from huge brands such as Crescent, Stanley, WoLF, Spear & Jackson, Medalist, Kapro, HIT, and more.

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What are speed squares?

Speed squares, also known as rafter squares, are fantastic hand tools used to measure angles, mark lines, and make square cuts in boards. These handy carpenter's tools feature scribe slots to lay out lines along the length of a workpiece. Other models even include traditional triangles that make it easy to draw arcs for cutting tapered inserts and draw perfect 45° angles when cutting faces on cabinet doors.

How do you use a speed square?

Speed squares have a wide range of uses in most construction projects. When using a speed square, it is easier to draw a straight line by holding it in the same place on all four sides. Once you're comfortable with this tool you can also use it for box making, as well as aluminium anodizing, and more complicated shapes such as quilting squares and patchwork blocks.