Vice Grips and Locking Pliers

Vice grips and locking pliers are a great addition to any tradie’s toolbox. At Total Tools, you’ll find a range of locking pliers singles and sets, as well as curved jaws locking pliers from top manufacturers such as Crescent, Milwaukee, Stanley, and many others – ideal for all your DIY and jobsite applications.

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How do vice grips and locking pliers work?

These vice grips and locking pliers are great for locking, cutting, and twisting a variety of materials. The pivoting jaw design smoothly grips even the toughest materials and keeps your hands safe. They are usually used to get larger or small objects into or out of tight spaces in your garage or workshop.

Are vice grips and locking pliers worth buying?

Vice grips and locking pliers are key tools to have around your home and workshop. They are perfect for all sorts of everyday uses, such as opening packages, cutting wires, stripping wire due to kinks or damage, turning nuts and bolts, holding nails and other fasteners, and driving screws into wood.

While these hand tools may be used to pinch things and press them against another surface, they also offer more convenient storage in small spaces thanks to a folding design. Because they are easy to clean, these pliers and vice grips can be used wet after use or while they are still damp from cleaning by using water and soap together. In addition, they feature a wide grasp which allows users to easily hold on or squeeze things without the risk of slipping out of the handguard or tool’s clamping mechanism.