Rubber Mallets

View our range of rubber mallets at Total Tools. Choose from our significant selection of double-face rubber mallets to striking hand tools in various sizes – we have them all! You will be able to select from different designs and models from top-quality brands such as WoLF, Striker Medalist, Stanley, Ox, and more!

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What are rubber mallets used for?

Rubber mallets are used to hit objects that a traditional hammer would mark since they are lighter and less costly. Although there are many uses for these instruments, pressing closely fitting things together, smoothing out dents inmetal, andwoodworking applications are where rubber mallets are most commonly utilised.

Things to consider when buying a rubber mallet?

  1. Keep in mind that rubber mallets range in weight from 8 to 32 ounces.
  2. For general use, get a 12 or 16-oz rubber mallet.
  3. Dead-blow mallets can be used instead of rubber mallets.
  4. The heads of rubber mallets may tear over time, particularly if you strike sharp items with them, such carpet tack strips. If the head of your mallet shrank or developed pits, replace it.
  5. A double-faced mallet could be available, with the acetate face being harsher and the rubber face being softer on opposite sides.

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