Utility Knives

Check out our range of utility knives and accessories at Total Tools! Get yourself a 2-in-1 utility knife, retractable utility knife, pocket sliding utility knife, and many others from Stanley, WoLF, Mastercraft, DeWalt, CAT, Crescent, and more. We also carry a full selection of snap off knives and blade replacements for all your project needs.

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Are utility knives worth it?

Utility knives are a quick, non-invasive way to fix almost any problem that occurs in your home. The utility knife is one of the most common hand tools in the tradesman’s toolbox and makes it simple for everyone to do their job better.

How is a utility knife used?

Utility knives have been used to do everything from opening boxes, cutting cardboard, slicing string, cutting nails, and more. The blades are designed for heavy use and many types feature a removable razor blade for clearing away paint and other debris when working on these projects. The utility knife is one of the most popular tools around and can be used in many applications.

For safety, always ensure to keep your fingers away from the blade when cutting or working with these tools. Please do not continue to use the blade when cutting becomes difficult as it makes the work harder to finish and can be dangerous.