Coping Saws

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Coping saws are hand saws used to cut elaborate shapes in metal, plastic, wood, and other materials. It is made from a C-shaped frame holding a thin, flexible blade in tension, making it simple to take out and put back in place. A coping saw is best for cutting curved or complex forms since its blade is often relatively narrow and pointed. Coping saws are frequently used in woodworking and other crafts, such as cutting out complex shapes or patterns, trimming joints, and creating beautiful moldings. They can be a useful addition to any toolkit because they are multipurpose, priced, simple to use, and maintain tool.

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What are the features to keep in mind before buying a coping saw?

  • Blade quality
  • Blade tension
  • Balde size
  • Handle comfort
  • Frame construction
  • Throat depth
  • Blade changing mechanism

Here are the top brands that offer coping saws:

  • Bahco
  • Eclipse
  • Stanley
  • Topman