Step Ladders

Check out our range of good-quality step ladders at Total Tools! These types of ladders have hinged designs with two or more sections, allowing them to be folded for storage and transportation. They are commonly used for tasks that require reaching heights, such as changing light bulbs, painting walls, or accessing high shelves.

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Buy good-quality step ladders online and in-store!

We carry a range of step ladders available in different materials, heights, and weight capacities, making them versatile and suitable for a range of tasks. They also come in various types, including standard, platform, folding, combination, telescoping, and platform step stools, each with its unique features and benefits. When choosing a step ladder, it's important to consider the tasks you'll be using it for and to choose a ladder with appropriate safety features, such as non-slip feet and a locking mechanism, to ensure safe use.

Check out the different types of step ladders in the market:

  • Standard step ladder
  • Small step ladder
  • Folding step ladder
  • Officeworks step ladder
  • Aluminium step ladder
  • Platform step stool

What are the factors to consider before purchasing ladders?

When choosing a step ladder, it is important to consider the tasks you will be using it for, as well as the height and weight capacity you will need. It’s a good idea to consider safety features, such as non-slip feet and a locking mechanism, to ensure that you can use the ladder safely.

  1. Height of the ladder – determine the height you need, measure the maximum height to reach, and buy a ladder that’s tall enough to reach it. It’s better to choose a ladder that’s a little taller than what you need rather than too short.
  2. Weight capacity – make sure the ladder can safely support your weight plus any tools or equipment you might be carrying. Look for a ladder with a weight capacity of at least 300 pounds.
  3. The material it’s made of – step ladders are typically made of aluminium or fiberglass. Aluminium is lightweight and durable, while fiberglass is non-conductive and ideal for working around electrical equipment.
  4. Look for safety features – make sure the ladder has non-slip feet to prevent it from sliding, and a locking mechanism to keep it in place when you’re using it. A handrail can also provide extra stability.
  5. Read reviews – before making a purchase, read reviews from other customers to get an idea of the ladder’s quality and durability.

Here are the different brands offering good-quality step ladders:

  • Bailey
  • Little Giant