Elliot Barbour and Mick Seiders will be racing for Team Triton at the Sandown 500 for the 5th Round of the SuperUtes Series.

Elliot Barbour is returning to the #87 Mitsubishi Triton after a highlighted weekend at the Townsville 400 where he finished on the podium in two of three races.

"I am pumped to be back in the Mitsubishi Triton for Sandown, I love the track and feel the form we showed at Townsville will help in getting a strong result for next weekend." - Elliot Barbour

Mick Sieders will return to race the #45 Triton following a replacement of the written-off Total Tools Triton from Queensland Raceway.

Sieders has had the chance to shakedown the new #45 SuperUte and is looking forward to regaining some momentum at the Sandown 500 Round.

"Queensland was a rough ride, I am just so grateful the team have given me the chance shakedown the new car and to bounce back from the Queensland wreck. I’ll be a tad nervous when I hit the track but with each lap there is no doubt the confidence will grow." - Mick Sieders

Craig Dontas has opted to sit out of the upcoming round and focus on mentoring the young drivers in the SuperUtes field.

"Its been a tough slog for the last few weeks, building a new car was definitely unplanned, the team has done an amazing job. I really enjoyed Queensland, helping the drivers and taking more of a commercial role, so I have made the decision to sit out of the Sandown round to do the same." - Craig Dontas

Round 5 of the SuperUte Series is being held at the Sandown 500 from September 14-16, with all races to be televised LIVE on Fox Sports.


  • 1 - Craig Woods, Western Sydney Motorsport - 459 points 
  • 2 - Ryal Harris, EFS 4x4 Racing - 453 points 
  • 3 - Aaron Cameron, Bushranger Racing - 395 points 
  • 4 - Thomas Gasperak, AC Delco Racing - 394 points 
  • 5 - Matthew MacKelden, Kubota Tractors Australia - 388 points 
  • 8 - Toby Price, Team Triton Racing - 295 points 
  • 9 - Craig Dontas, Team Triton Racing - 290 points 
  • 12 - Cameron Crick, Team Triton Racing - 146 points 
  • 13 - Elliot Barbour, Team Triton Racing - 145 points 
  • 15 - Mick Sieders, Team Triton Racing - 89 points