Total Tools is a proud supporter of the Battery Recycle Bin initiative and want to play our part in reducing harmful materials ending up in a landfill. We care for our community and are committed to engaging with key partners to ensure we provide customers with a convenient drop off point at each of our stores nationally.                             


Battery Recycle Bin Participating Store Battery Recycle Bin Participating Store

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions):

What is the importance of battery recycling?

  1. Conserves natural resources – batteries can be recycled to lessen the need for virgin resources like lead, zinc, and lithium, which are used to make new batteries.
  2. Reduces environmental impact – batteries contain hazardous substances that, if improperly disposed of, could endanger both the environment and human health. Recycling reduces the number of harmful pollutants that are released into the environment.
  3. Promotes energy efficiency – recycling batteries is a more energy-efficient method than manufacturing new batteries from scratch, which also lowers glasshouse gas emissions.
  4. Supports economic development – battery disposal can boost the recycling industry's economy and lead to job growth.
  5. Increases sustainability – by recycling batteries, we can lower the number of batteries that are disposed of in landfills, promoting a more sustainable future.

How and where to find battery recycling near me or in Australia?

In Australia, there are several ways to recycle batteries, including:

  • Retail stores – customers can dispose of spent batteries in recycling bins at some large merchants and in their stores.
  • Council waste facilities – batteries may be recycled by many local councils, and often accept batteries at their garbage facilities.
  • Mail-back programs – consumers can return their used batteries to a recycling facility through mail-back services provided by some battery manufacturers and retailers.
  • Recycling facilities – batteries can be recycled at specialised recycling facilities and in all our participating stores.

Batteries should be carefully sorted and labeled while being recycled according to the battery type (e.g., alkaline, lead-acid, lithium-ion) to ensure that they may be recycled most safely and effectively possible.

What kind of batteries can be recycled?

  • All household batteries
  • All power tool batteries
  • All button cell batteries
  • Laptop & mobile phone batteries

It is important to keep in mind that some batteries, such as those that contain dangerous chemicals, may need to be handled differently during the recycling process and may call for unique disposal techniques. Additionally, it is advised to ask your neighborhood battery recycling program or facility for detailed instructions on how to safely recycle batteries.