Air Hose Clamps

Buy your air hoses and clamps at Total Tools! Browse our complete selection below from top-selling manufacturers such as CEJN, Macnaught, Retracta, Sonsbeek, Master Q, and more. Whether it be for your bike or your car, we have all the tools you need. You can just handle one tool at a time instead of 10 different tools on the market today!

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What are air hoses and clamps used for?

Air hoses and air clamps are a great addition to your air tools kit. Air hoses can supply power to vacuum pumps and cylinders, as well as compressed air to impact tools, jackhammers, and more. These air tools can be utilised for a wide range of purposes, from leisure activities to life-saving equipment and other applications in between.

Air clamps are best used for quick clamping in repetitive production processes, yet portable and cost-effective for use in short-run tasks using temporary fixturing. To perform the clamping action, air clamps used air-actuated cylinders.

What are the things to consider when buying air hoses and clamps?

  1. Understand how broad your project needs are.
  2. Keep the hose and clamping diameter in mind.
  3. Choose the appropriate band thickness.
  4. Think about the hoses’ and clamps’ ability to withstand corrosion.
  5. Ensure to get high-quality air hoses and clamps.