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If you need a new air filter regulator, then look no further than Total Tools! We carry a vast selection of quality air filters and regulators from top-leading brands such as Ironair, Sonsbeek, Master Q, Wagner, and more. Our range of air tools and accessories is designed for use in many applications, allowing you to make the best use of your equipment. Our air pressure gauges and pumps are maintenance-free, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

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What is an air filter regulator?

An air filter regulator is a tool that is used with an air compressor to control the flow and pressure of compressed air. Because the regulator opens and closes at a specific pressure, it can ensure that the compressed air leaving its connectors is precisely controlled and regulated. An essential part of any compressor, this small device has a lot of significance when it comes to protecting your mechanical device from potential damage caused by dirt and grime inside it.

How to choose the right air filter regulator?

There are many types of air filter regulators, but they all perform the same basic tasks. When selecting an air regulator, pay particular attention to the range of fluctuation in the inlet pressure, as well as the required outlet pressure. The possible variation in flow rate should be considered to ensure that the regulator will not fail in its intended application.

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