WELLER Blow Torch Magnalite Butane Powered Tabletop

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The Magna-Lite table-top torch is a powerful compact performer. With a mid-setting run time of 60 minutes and a powerful, wind-resistant 2,500-degree Fahrenheit flame, the ML200 is perfectly suited for soldering and brazing, heating and bending thin metal, loosening frozen or rusted nuts and bolts, and many other uses around the home, shop, boat, or campsite. Child-resistant safety trigger reviewed and approved by Consumer Products Safety Commission. Refillable, butane sold separately.

  •  Handy portable torch for industrial maintenance, tool and die shops, automotive repairs etc
  • Applications include soldering, brazing, heat shrink tubing, frozen locks, fusing rope ends, camping
  • Waterproof piezo electronic ignition system for fast and reliable ignition every time
  • Adjustable flame height and length, and level of heat output
  • Flame lock-on allows hands-free operation
  • Child safety lock
  • Up to 60 minutes continuous use
  • Flame lock-on allows hands-free operation
  • Refilable with Weller Butane BR200


  1. Adjust flame height control lever, on the front of the torch, to middle setting.
  2. Position flame lock switch, at side of torch, to middle position.
  3. Slowly depress ignition button, at back of torch, while turning counter-clockwise.
  4. To turn off, release thumb from ignition button.
  5. To lock flame on for hands-free operation, push flame lock switch up while ignition button is depressed.
  6. To increase or decrease flame height, adjust flame height control lever.  Note that if flame adjuster is set too high or too low, the torch may not light, since even high fuel flow will prevent ignition.
  7. To turn off in locked position, push flame lock switch down.


Do NOT refill near open flame. Liquid and gas butane can escape from tank when filling. Wear ANSI approved eye protection. Only use filtered butane fuel. Do NOT attempt to use propane or other fuel.

  1. Ensure torch has been turned off by pushing lock switch down.
  2. Hold torch upside down with filling valve facing upward.
  3. Press nozzle of butane fuel can into filling valve.
  4. Stop filling when gas spills from valve.  This may take approx. ten (10) seconds from empty.
  5. Allow the fuel inside ML200 to equalize for about five (5) minutes, or warm in hands to make this occur more rapidly.
Part No ML200
Barcode 037103212290
Brand Weller


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