CIGWELD BlueVenom 200P3 Multi Process Power Pack Welder PPXF200PB24

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The BlueVENOM XF200P3 is the machine for the serious welding enthusiast, tradesperson or professional who needs to fabricate and weld light structures that require TIG-Like welds on Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Bronze or Steel projects, but need the welding speed and ease-of-use of the MIG Process.

BlueVENOM XF200P3 – Multi Process Welding Inverter
The BlueVENOM XF200P3 is the machine for the serious welding enthusiast, tradesperson or professional who needs to fabricate and weld light structures that require TIG-Like welds on Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Bronze or Steel projects, but need the welding speed and ease-of-use of the MIG Process. Suitable for use at maintenance departments, farm/home workshops, job sites and marine repair/service centres without compromising on price for excellent results!
With the avid welder in mind, CIGWELD has introduced “Opti-Start”, a feature that allows the user to customise their starting arc characteristics through Soft and Hard Start controls.

Additionally, this machine has the following features built-in:

  • 2 x Roll All-Driven (top & bottom) Wire Drive system
  • MIG Single and Double Pulse
  • MIG Adjustable Wire Burnback & Inductance
  • MIG Adjustable Soft & Hard Start (Opti-Start)
  • MIG Wire Inch button | MIG Gas Purge Function
  • MIG Side door wire installation, side loader
  • MIG Anti de-spooling safety feature
  • MIG Spool Gun Compatible
  • STICK with Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) built-in for Safe Welding
  • STICK Adjustable Hot Start | STICK Adjustable Arc Force | STICK Anti-Stick
  • TIG DC-Lift and TIG-PULSE DC-Lift
  • TIG Foot Control Compatible
  • TIG Dial Remote Torch Compatible
  • Thermal Overload Protection

Get your adrenalin pumping with the BlueVenom XF200P3 – a compact, robust mean machine with 3 x Pulse modes: Single & Double Pulse MIG, STICK Pulse and TIG Pulse!

Ready to rock out of the box for welding Aluminium, this predator packs impressive features and welding performance made easy to suit the serious welding enthusiast to the welding pro.
The XF200P3 also comes packed with the aluminium liner and inlet guide fitted with spare feed rollers and liner for hard (steel and stainless) wires as well.

Release your inner Welditude™ with pre-installed Synergic Quickset MIG (Single & Double Pulse) programs! Simply choose your material and gas combination (unless you’re using gasless), wire diameter and dial up the plate thickness you’re welding and you’re ready to go!

Navigate with ease through the intuitive 3.5” full colour display to custom set values to get the most out of your welds – from Voltage Trim and Adjustable Burnback to Hard and Soft start tweaks (Opti-Start Technology) the XF200P3 doesn’t hold back!

Weighing a mere 13.2kg, this portable beast will have you welding in any pulse mode you like! To make things even better it’s equipped with a 2x roll (cogged) all driven wire drive system for smooth and effortless wire feedability and is compatible with Spool Gun, TIG foot control and Dial Remote TIG torch!


  • QuickSet, Plate Thickness Settings, allow simple set-up in a flash
  • Aluminium Pulse MIG Welding delivers excellent thin metal welding results that can be customised to allow adjustable “ripple spacing” (dimes) to achieve MIG-Welds that look like TIG-Welds!
  • Produce terrific welding results from 230V/240V x 15A upgraded power
  • You can weld most metals including Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Bronze
  • Fine tuning of Pre-Set Wire Speed & Volts / Full control over manual settings
  • Recommended MIG & TIG welding thickness range 0.6mm – 12mm
  • Recommended STICK welding thickness range 1.6mm – 16mm
  • Spool Gun compatible, great for Aluminium (sold separately)
  • Welding wire size selection & metal/material selection
  • Suitable for 100mm and 200mm Diameter Spools
  • MIG Gasless and MIG Gas Shielded
  • Factory Settings reset feature

CIGWELD XC70 Welding Helmet BLAX Series WHAMXC070

  • Supreme level welding helmet
  • Quad-1, high-definition optical viewing rating (en379- 1/1/1/1) approved to as/nzs: 1338.1
  • 5 arc sensors, excellent for all welding processes, including tig down to 2 amps, including pulse tig
  • Variable shade ranges 3/ 4-8 / 9-14 with optishade
  • Ultra-view lens with true colour view
  • Tactile external grind mode button
  • 5-point comfort harness
  • High impact rating for grinding to as/nzs: 1337.1
  • 3-year warranty + 6 months extended**


  • Viewing Area: 98mm x 87mm = 92.3mm2
  • Arc Sensors: 5 (4+1)
  • Shade Range: 4-8 / 9-13
  • Switching Speed: 0.1ms
  • Opti Shade Sensors: User Adjustable +/- 2 Shades
  • Ultra View & Opti-Shade Technology: Yes
  • DIN Rating: Quad: 1 (1/1/1/1)
  • Harness Points: 5
  • Impact Rating: High
  • Solar Assist 2 x CR2032
  • BLAX Design Helmet
  • Grinding Shade: 3
  • Gradual Mode: Yes (Dark to Clear)
  • Memory Mode: Yes x 10
  • Digital Controls: Yes
  • Weight: 620 grams
  • Spare Parts Available: Sweatband, 5 Point Head Harness, Rear & Front Cover Lens, Head Harness Tensioner Knob & ADF Retaining Clip

CIGWELD WeldSkill Heavy Duty Welding Gloves 646755

With a full sock lining for maximum comfort, and the highest of quality leather, the Weldskill Heavy Duty Welding Gloves will protect you from high heat output applications and keep you welding longer than with standard, lightweight alternatives. You can expect superior heat and abrasion resistance from this Heavy Duty option!

  • Heavy Duty welding gloves suitable for a wide range of welding applications
  • Manufactured from high quality leather for superior heat and abrasion resistance
  • Kevlar stitching for increased durability
  • Full sock lining for maximum comfort

CIGWELD Weldskill Leather Welding Gloves 646754

Form fitting welding gloves that are suitable for a range of welding applications. Ideal when you need that extra dexterity in TIG welding applications.

  • Form fitting welding gloves suitable for a broad range of welding applications.
  • Fine grain leather constructions provide superior flexibility and dexterity for TIG welding applications.
  • Kevlar stitching for increased durability.

CIGWELD Tig Torch Consumable Organiser Kit CT1726K1

  • Comes in an organiser style box
  • Supports 17/18 & 26 style TIG torches
  • Suitable for both AC & DC process


  • 3 x Ceramic Nozzles (size 6/7/8)
  • 1 x 1.6mm Collet, Collet Body and 3T Tungsten
  • 1 x 2.4mm Collet, Collet Body and 3T Tungsten
  • 1 x 3.2mm Collet, Collet Body and 3T Tungsten
  • 1 x Long Back Cap
  • 1 x Short Back Cap

CIGWELD Tig Torch suit WeldSkill and Transmig W4013801

17V. Air cooled with heavy duty construction 400 amp at 60% duty cycle Rigid neck 4m cord Front and rear strain relief Metal jacket conductor tube To use with Transmig 175i

CIGWELD 0.9mm 4.5kg Gasless Mig Wire WG4509

  • Self-Shielded flux cored wire For single pass applications only
  • Versatile, all positional
  • Excellent tolerance to joint misalignment or poor joint fit-up
  • Smooth rippled fillets with good edge wetting
  • Ideal for welding thin section mild and galvanised steels

CIGWELD WeldSkill 0.9mm x 5kg Solid MIG Wire WS5009

  • Copper coated steel wire for GMA Welding
  • Use with CO and Argon based shielding gases
  • Range of minispools and handispools packaging options
  • Suitable for the positional Gas Metal Arc Welding(GMAW of mild and low alloy steels, used in general fabrication and structural work

Warranty Terms

  • Blue Venom XF200P3 - 2 Year
  • XC70 Welding Helmet - 3 year
Part No PPXF200PB24
Barcode 9310574079670
Brand Cigweld


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