BOSCH 1-13mm HSS-Co Metal Drill Bit Set - 23 Piece 2608588407

MPN 2608588407
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BOSCH® HSS-Cobalt Jobber Drill Bits provide long-lasting performance when drilling stainless steel and other hard metals. This extended lifetime results from a cobalt alloy content of 5% and fully ground HSS (high-speed steel), which provides excellent surface quality, wear resistance and heat protection.

Equipped with two cutters and two flutes, chips are removed quickly to make the bit last even longer. These drill bits work with alloyed and non-alloyed steel, stainless steel, cast iron, cast steel and acid- and heat-resistant steels. It has a cylindrical shank system (shank equal to drill bit diameter) and is intended for use in drill stands and drill drivers.

  • Fully Ground HSS-Cobalt - Provides improved wear resistance and heat protection when drilling stainless steel and other hard metals
  • 135° Split Point - Requires less force when drilling hard metals


  • Point Angle: 135° Split
  • Point Tolerance: h8
  • Point Form: N
  • Material: HSS-Cobalt
Brand Bosch
Part No 2608588407
Barcode 3165140695879
Net Weight (kg) 0.83


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