MACC 400mm Non Ferrous Cutting Saw On Stand With Pneumatic Vice & Coolant Spray 3 Phase MC-TA400P-3

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  • Italian-made quality, extra heavy-duty.
  • Compound mitre, non-ferrous metal cutting saw.
  • Designed for cutting aluminium, copper, brass etc.
  • Swivel head 45° right and left.
  • Mitre head 45° left.
  • Trigger switch operation.
  • Twin manual sliding vices with Teflon jaws.
  • Fully recirculating coolant system.
  • As per TA400, with additional pneumatic features.
    1. Two pneumatic spring return vices, automatically clamps the material when the trigger switch is pulled.
    2. Supply of cutting fluid to the blade is also activated.
    3. Material is then released upon return of the cutting head, & fluid mist is deactivated.
  • Safety emergency stop switch.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • Comes with a stand.
  • The blade is sold separately.
  • Compressor required to power vice.


  • Motor: 3hp Three Phase 415V
    Blade Speed: Single Speed 3000rpm
    Blade Size: 400mm
    Blade Bore: 32mm
    Weight: 190kg
  • 90° Cutting Capacity:
    Solid Round: 60mm
    Hollow Round: 140mm
    Square: 110mm
    Rectangle: 180 x 100mm
  • 45° Left & Right Cutting Capacity:
    Solid Round: 60mm
    Hollow Round: 130mm
    Square: 100mm
    Rectangle: 150 x 100mm
Part No MC-TA400P-3
Barcode 9328042032683
Brand Macc


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