RAMSET ClipElec Contractor Pack All Purpose Cable Ties 500 Pk P8CPGCL

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ClipElec™ is an all purpose cable tie system that may be used for fixing cable, conduit and pipes for a wide variety of electrical and plumbing applications. This system is extremely versatile allowing for many different sized cables, pipes and conduit to be secured. The ClipElec™ all purpose cable tie system may be used with the 4.8mm supplied cable ties or with other cable ties up to a maximum width of 9mm.


  • ClipElec™ can be used for cable, conduit and tube work.
  • Universal design allows cable ties up to 9mm wide.
  • Designed with an in-built energy absorber for perfect embedment.
  • Clips directly onto the CableMaster™ Pin Guide for one handed operation.
  • Hands are a safe distance from the Pin Guide during installation.
  • Can be used with the PulsaLift™ Pole to fix from the ground.
  • Optional plug and screw installation.


  • Raw Material: Polypropylene copolymer, high impact, halogen free. UV resistant
  • Capacity: Up to 9mm cable tie width.
  • Spacing Recommendation: 0.5 & 1 metre (approx)
  • Low Temperature Test: No breakage at 0°C
  • Dimensions: 32 x 37mm
Brand Ramset
Barcode 9314772026542


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